Memolub ONE R500

 10 Bar Battery operated.

MEMOLUB ONE R500 is the perfect solution for regular Oil lubrication.

Its 240 cm3 content and 0.60 to 7.20 cm3 daily output makes it the ideal multifunction lubricator of our product range.

Settings 1 to 12 months (see technical data’s). With its 10 bar pressure, it can be remotely installed up to 2 meters at 0°C – Certified ATEX – EX zone 22


  • MEMOLUB® ONE R500 is a single point autonomous refillable Oil lubricator
  • Its ejection pressure of 10 Bar opens a wide new range of application not accessible with conventional lubricators
  • Remotely installed, it can be used up to two meters from the lube point
  • Settings 1, 3, 6 or 12 months for applications requiring larger daily lubricant quantities. Remote installation up to 2 meters.
  • Refillable, the user can refill the Oil R-500 by himself or with one of our clean convenient Refill Kit options and keep control of you oils, No waste No mess.

Chains Racks




Single point

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