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Our new range of  UK Manufactured  StopTite

Threadlockers, Retainers and Adhesives

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Our new StopTite  Industrial range of Anaerobics contains Thread Lockers, Thread Sealers, Retainers and Pipe Sealants that are all compliant to ISO 9002.

StopTite products used for thread locking, retaining, gasketing and sealing mechanical assemblies. Outstanding mechanical properties can be achieved on a wide variety of temperature ranges, from -50°C to +200°C. .

StopTite thread lockers allow a wide variety of fasteners to be vibration-proofed with a range of products which allow for the easy disassembly on small screws all the way to the permanent fixing of studs.

StopTite retainers offer excellent resistance to shear and compression and allow cost effective assembly with bearings, shafts, splines and keys

StopTite pipe sealants allow the effective sealing of pneumatic and hydraulic lines as well as gas, oil and water lines.

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