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A range of oil level gauges, dome sights, level and column level indicators made of different plastic or metallic materials, resistant to contact with liquid and different oils, at low or high temperatures. These hydraulic components are ideal for the visual control of the level of fluids on tanks or hydraulic systems. The column level indicators are available with or without built-in thermometer and with or without protective shroud.

The executions with screws or SUPER-technopolymer shrouds or with stainless steel inserts are ideal for applications requiring corrosion resistance, such as in the food or pharmaceutical industry. With a range of indicators component for glycol-containing solutions, widely used in cooling systems to prevent freezing of the liquid, or in applications subject to very harsh temperatures (-30 ° C) What makes this product unique it is the modularity of the individual elements, which can be customised with special lengths up to 1500 mm

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