Oil level Indicator With Float

Oil level indicator allows the fluid level reading by means of a float when, due to the particular design of the system, the fluid level cannot be seen directly from the lower part of the indicator.


The plastic foam float is moved upward by the fluid contained in the reservoir. This system allows an indirect reading of the level.

The red line on the lacquered contrast screen is visible only when the float is in its lowest position (minimun fluid level = m).

Ultrasound welding to guarantee a perfect seal.

Maximum fluid level visibility even from side positions.

Lens effect for a better visibility of the fluid level.

Technical data

In laboratory tests carried out with mineral oil type CB68 (according to ISO 3498) at 23°C for a limited period of time, the weld stood up to 12 bar.

For use with other fluids and under different pressure and temperature conditions,

In any case we suggest to verify the suitability of the product under the actual working conditions.


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