StopTite 006 Acrylic Adhesive

StopTite 006 is a two component structural methacrylate adhesive, designed for the bonding of high strength metal and composite applications.

006 has been formulated from innovative technology, including our revolutionary adhesion system.

This unique system enables the 006 to achieve the ultimate balance of mechanical strength and impact resistance whilst still remaining both simple and quick to use.


Typical Applications
StopTite 006 is very versatile, and can bond a wide variety of substrates without the need for surface primers or
conditioners. also allows quick repairs were required.

Typical examples shown below:
• Bonding metal fasteners to moulded composite parts
• Bonding aluminium and stainless steel lettering in the sign manufacturing industry.
• Bonding automotive carbon fibre body panels
• Bonding GRP in the marine industry
• Bonding dissimilar metals for trailer fabrications

.Repairs to sporting and leisure pursuits and activities equipment

For more information see Data Sheets: ST006-Quantum Bondin -Technical-Data-n


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