Unirex N3 (390g) Grease Cartridge

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UNIREX™ N greases are premium-quality, lithium-complex products suitable for high-temperature service in rolling-element bearings. These versatile greases can be used in a wide range of industrial applications and are particularly recommended for electric-motor lubrication.

UNIREX N 3 is an NLGI No. 3  grade and is preferred in most cases for application by hand-packing or by grease gun. UNIREX N 2 is recommended for the lubrication of electric motors. It is suitable for NEMA (National Electric Manufacturer’s Association) Insulation Class A, B, and F motors.

UNIREX N 2  meets the requirements of Lubricating Grease DIN 51825 – K2N – 20L and ISO L-XBDHA 2.


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