TEMPLAR EP0 Grease 12.5kg Tub

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Templar EP0 is a premium quality grease prepared from refined base oils and lithium hydroxy stearate soap thickener. Templar EP0 grease contains oil soluble EP additives to provide protection against seizure under highly loaded service conditions. The grease also contains additives to inhibit oxidation and rust. Templar EP0 grease is particularly suited for use in industrial equipment and in some automotive gearbox applications. The grease is easily pumped over long distances, even at low temperatures. Benefits:
•Semi fluid grease having excellent pumpability
•Good oxidation stability
•Good corrosion protection
•Usable over a wide temperature range
•Good load carrying capabiliti



Templar EP0 is recommended for use in industrial equipment and in some automotive gearbox applications where a semi fluid grease of this type is called for.

Typical Test Data:
Colour. Light brown
Appearance. Smooth soft grease
NLGI Classification. 0
Soap Base.Lithium
Worked Penetration (IP50) 355 – 385
Copper Corrosion (IP 112) 1a
Drop Point °C (IP132) 180 min.
Four Ball Weld Load, 10s (kgf) 315
Four Ball Wear Scar, 40kg 1hr (mm) 0.50
Oil Separation, 42hrs @ 40°C (%) 12.0
Operating Temperature °C  -40 to +120


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