Silicone Spray Aerosol Can Large 500ml Size

£19.86 Excl VAT - £23.83 inc VAT

(Pack of 3 Cans)


Silicone Oil can be used on a variety of materials to prevent squeaks and seizing. Suitable for use a mould release agent to aid in the release of components and to give a smooth finish.


It is water-repellent properties can be used to protect surfaces or electrical components and it can also be used safely on a variety of plastics to give a glossy sheen especially on car bumpers, wing mirrors and rubbing strips.

Its light nature means it can be used to lubricate small mechanisms, locks, cables, hinges & various other parts to prevent seizure and squeaks

Fast drying out the can it leaves a light residue behind which can be left or buffed with a cloth

Features and Benefits

  • Non-wet coating
  • Clear Fluid
  • Light Coating
  • Lubricant
  • Surface Protection
  • Anti Static
  • Large 500ml Can


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