Aviation SHC100 Synthetic Grease 2.0kg

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The unique physical properties of the synthetic base oil, combined with selected additives, provide outstanding protection against wear, rust, corrosion, and high temperature degradation. The wax-free feature of the synthetic base oil allows for low-temperature mobility/pumpability and low starting and running torque values.

Also, the traction property of the synthetic base fluid is considerably lower than mineral, allowing for temperature reductions in the load zone of rolling element bearings. Mobil Aviation Grease SHC 100 is the product of choice for aircraft wheel bearing applications.


  • High viscosity index (VI) base stock with no wax content Outstanding high temperature and low temperature performance.
  • Excellent protection against wear, rust, and corrosion.
  • Excellent structural stability and oxidation resistance.
  • Low traction coefficient.
  • Outstanding structural stability in the presence of water.
  • Low volatility.


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