R500 Oil Lubricator

Memolube Oil r-500 Refillable system for oil applications


Refillable system for oil applications

  • Ideal tool for all oil applications, including chain & rack lubrication.
  • Easy to use
  • This accessory can be used with all MEMOLUB® models.
  • Reusable, the user can refill MEMOLUB® Oil R-500 by himself or with one of our Refill Kit options.
  • No cartridges needed.
  • Two-position lid for safe function/removal. No risk of leaks.
  • Compatible with all oil types, including polyglycole, viscosity : ISO VG 22 to 4000.


Technical specifications
500 cc / 17 fl oz
Dimensions : 308 x 101 x 100 mm (4” dia x 7” high)
Weight : 215 g (0.5lb)
Batteries to be changed every 500ml
(Note : EPS and PLCD models don’t use batteries)


Chains Racks




Single point

Multi-point :up to 12 points




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