Mato Lube-Shuttle® Grease Gun

£37.93 Excl VAT - £45.52 inc VAT

Lube-Shuttle® Side Lever Grease Gun for use with Lube-Shuttle 400g cartridges.

Features a high quality zinc plated steel barrel body and an ergonomic hand grip. It is environmentally friendly



The design provides optimum use of all grease in the cartridge with fast, clean loading and unloading without opening the gun.

Comes with RH-30C single ridged hydraulic connector, thread 1/8in.

TÜV & DLG Approved.

Working Pressure: 400 Bar/5,800 psi.
Maximum Pressure Capability: 800 Bar/11,600 psi.

Ask us about our cartridge filling service.


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