Martindale MCB Isolation Lock Kit

£33.00 Excl VAT - £39.60 inc VAT

The Martindale kit includes 5 different sized locking off devices for use on MCBs, BS38 fuse carriers and main switches on domestic and industrial distribution board for isolation purposes.



The essential test tools and equipment needed to implement a safe isolation procedure in accordance with Electricity at Work regulations are a dedicated voltage indicator, a proving unit to verify the voltage indicator, a locking off device which can be secured in place using a padlock with unique key and a clear method of labelling the hazard.

The LOKMCB kits includes a selection of 5 commonly used locking devices with openings from 5mm to 20mm. They have been designed to fit a wide range of MCBs, RCBOs, fuse carriers and main switches and are compatible with Martindale PAD11 and PAD21 Series padlocks and TAG sets

For more demanding applications the LOKKITPRO contains the most comprehensive range of Martindale locking off devices including all items from the LOKMCB kit.

The full 5 item kit includes:

• Green MCB lock 5mm opening (LOK1)
• Yellow MCB lock 8mm opening (LOK2)
• Blue MCB lock 13mm opening (LOK3)
• Red BS38 fuse carrier lock (LOK4)
• Red MCB and main switch lock (LOK5)


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