Lubrication Coupler Kit

£84.29 Excl VAT - £101.15 inc VAT

The Ezee lube kit comprises of a range 7 quick connect lube
accessories to help with those difficult greasing jobs.

■ Can be used in conjunction with any 3-jaw or 4-jaw couplers
■ Only suitable for hand operated grease guns



Professional Recessed Lube Adaptor
For greasing of recessed fittings, or areas with obstruction where regular grease couplers cannot be used Grease Injector Needle 
For greasing in very tight spaces, such as universal joints, sealed bearings etc.Professional 90° Angled Lube Adaptor 
Useful for greasing in shoulders & other confined areas Narrow Needle Nose Adaptor 
Useful for greasing hard to reach fittings on trucks, vans etc.Seal off Quick Dispenser 
Converts a jaw type coupler to a seal off dispenser allowing it to be used for lubricating automobiles with grease plugs Right Angled Quick Coupler
Converts a regular coupler to a right angled coupler allowing it to be used for greasing of fittings with limited access Quick Connect Hose
Converts a steel extension assembly to a flexible hose allowing access to hard to reach fittings.


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