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220cc Capacity

The LU-AUTO SPRING SLOT GREASER  are designed for use in
all industries where automatic greasing is required, for
example, bearings, bushings, joints, articulated joints,
rolling presses, elevators, fans, etc.Intrinsically safe.

For those who wish to refill there own lubricators.

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The LubricationUK Auto Spring Greasers 100cc/220cc Are made of transparent high impact * Lexan ®,

With high mechanical. Chemical and thermal resistance. Sturdy and operating -30°C to + l 32°C.
Easy and fast to refill with all types of grease NLG I 0-1-2-3 from side lubricator with any standard grease gun or pump.
The new simplified Setting dial which allows you to set the dispensing rate of the grease.
Simply select 1, 3, 6, 12* months variable at any time.

Comes fitted with a Standard Medium Spring.
Optional Spring Tensions Available.
D a light spring for high temperatures and/or fluid grease.
F spring. Is a Strong spring for low temperature and/or dense grease.

Always displays consumption and allows remote control by means of its full transparency. Immediate activation. No battery or gas. Intrinsically safe. It can be installed indoors, outdoors, remotely, inversely, any angle underwater, in either dangerous or uncomfortable points. It keeps lubrication constant and prevents solid matter accumulation. Lubricant installed reserve, reducing lubrication drawbacks. preventing oversights. It saves production stops and very expensive repairs.
Environment friendly: refillable. Fully recyclable. Easy and fast mounting.

Manufactured from transparent Lexan
Setting dial (1, 3, 6 and 12 months) supply duration
Supplied with medium tension spring with optional light & strong tension springs available for varying applications
Operating temperatures -30°C to +132°C (with use of optional springs)
Suitable for use with all types of grease NLGI 0 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 (with use of optional springs)
Available in 100ml and 220ml sizes
Outlet thread 10.1 mm

The lubricationUK Auto Spring Greasers are supplied as standard with a
medium tension spring this is suitable for most needs.
With two optional springs being available in
addition depending on grease viscosities. pleas contact us.


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