Grizzlygrease No.1 (400ml) Cartridge NLGI: 0 – Pack of 4

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Developed as special grease for high loaded open gears such as ore mills.

Can be used for a wide range of applications, where high temperatures and high loads exist.

Operating temperature range -30 to 150 °C

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Hight temperature properties GRIZZLY GREASE No. 1

In contrast to lubricants for toothed gears based on bitumen GRIZZLY GREASE No. 1 can be recommended for ball bearings and roller bearings as well as for slide bearings/bushes and open gears.

Lithium complex soap grease of NLGI grade 0 with EP additives for very good corrosion protection and high load carrying capacity.

GRIZZLYGREASE No. 1 is a lubricant for open gears.
GRIZZLYGREASE No. 1 is based on a lithium/calcium complex with high pressure additives, which are combined with the soap structure so
that an optimum adhesiveness to the metal surface is possible.


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