EX Oil level sight glasses


Aluminium, glossy finish.


ESG safety glass.

Maximum continuous working temperature  Up to 150°C



ATEX directive compliance

The oil level sight glasses of the GN 743.6 series comply with Health and Safety Requirements intended in 94/9/EC ATEX (Explosive Atmospheres) European Directive for equipments in Group II, category 2GD.

II 2GD Ex h X: is the level sight glasses identification marked on the GN 743.6 product according to ATEX directive

II 2G Ex h IIC TX Gb LU 17 ATEX 0168 U

II 2D Ex h IIIC X °C Db LU 17 ATEX 0168 U

Ambient and/or fluid temperature: -20 ÷ +150 °C.


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