Bearing Hawk Remote Mounting Clamp Kit

£39.87 Excl VAT - £47.84 inc VAT

Remote Mount for your 125 Bearing Hawk.

Easy to assemble, just mount the Bearing Hawk remote clamping bracket upto 1 metre away from your job.                                                       (the closer the better) follow fitting instructions.


To replace an empty unit simply undo the grease line and loosen the clamping screw. Remove the empty unit and pop the new unit in. Tighten the clamp and re-fit the grease line.

Your kit comes with the following items.

  1. Remote Bearing Hawk clamp
  2. Two clamp fixings
  3. 1mt of trim-to-length grease line (Pre-Primed with your grease choice)
  4. Bearing fittings

Does not include the lubricator  (just for show)

Should you wish to mount the Bearing Hawk temporarily, choose our Mag Mount Kit in the dropdown menu

Additional information

Weight1.00 kg


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