Aviation 33 2.0kg Synthetic Grease

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2.0 kg Tin.                                 Also available in 380g Cartridges

The lithium complex thickener system provides excellent structural stability and resistance to water wash-out. Polyalphaolefin base oil is used in Mobilgrease 33 because of its exceptional thermal/oxidative resistance potential, low volatility, and superb low-temperature capability, without the potential vulnerability of an ester base oil to degradation from reaction with water.

The synthetic polyalphaolefin base oil offers excellent low-temperature mobility/pumpability and very low starting and running torque values. In addition, the state-of-the art additive system in Mobilgrease 33 provides superior rust and wear protection and load-carrying capacity compared to aviation greases that meet the minimum requirements of the MIL-PRF-23827 specification.


  • High viscosity index polyalphaolefin basestock
  • Very wide operating temperature range
  • Outstanding high and low temperature performance.
  • Excellent lubricant film protection at high temperatures
  • Grease structure integrity maintained
  • Low oil separation
  • Good storage stability
  • Resistance to degradation by water (hydrolysis)
  • Excellent protection against wear, corrosion, and rusting
  • Prevention of excessive wear, even under shock load
  • Extreme-pressure characteristicsDetails:


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