Air operated oil drainer

£345.60 Excl VAT - £414.72 inc VAT

Tank capacity (litre/gallon): 90/24

Designed to drain waste oil by air vacuum

Charging the tank with compressed air makes it ready for suction from Engines, Gearboxes, and Differentials. Remotely.

The emptying of the drained oil inside the tank is air-operated into your waste oil tank.

Warning: Not for use with corrosive or flammable products


  • Extract used oil and other fluids from any vehicle or gearbox using this venturi-vacuum extracting system
  • Includes six suction probes (metal and flexible) equipped with quick-disconnect couplers for fluid extraction
  • Self-evacuating feature makes emptying clean and easy
Tank capacity90l / 24gal
Max. draining capacity70i / 19gal
Air pressure for vacuum7 – 8bar / 100 – 114psi
Depressurization time150 – 180 seconds
Noise level75db
Suction speed with oil at 70 – 80å¡C, probes 6mm1.5 -2lpm / 0.4 – 0.5gpm
Total suction capacity65 – 70l / 17 – 18.5gal
Draining hose length2m / 79″
Suction hose length2m / 79″
Air pressure for empties1bar / 14psi
Overall sizeH: 105cm x W: 63cm x D: 41.5cm
Packing volume0.28m3 / 10cft
Gross weight31kg / 68lb empty


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