Visual flow indicators – Brass Bosses

Features and applications

The indicator can be mounted in any position.

In case of mounting on rigid tubes, it is recommended to place the indicator perfectly aligned with the tubes.

The indicator operates with two-way liquid flows.

For rotating the propeller it is required a minimum fluid flow rate


The helical visual flow indicators are designed to visually signal the passage of a fluid in a tube. They are normally used in lubrication systems, refrigeration, heating, water treatment in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.

They can be installed either vertically or horizontally to control transparent viscous liquid, free of impurities. The tubular visor, made of Pyrex® glass is also suitable for use with solutions containing glycol and provides maximum visibility of the flow from every angle. The terminal flanges, the axle and the helical rotor are made of technopolymer; on request they are also available with AISI 316 stainless steel bushings, bushings with NPT conical gas threads, or helical axis and rotor in blue colour.


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