Martindale True RMS Digital Multimeter

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The MM68 is a True RMS digital multimeter which measures AC voltage up to 750V, DC voltage up to 1000V and both AC and DC current up to 10A.

  • True RMS readings
  • 750V AC, 1000V DC
  • 0.01μA – 10A
  • 0.01Hz – 22MHz Frequency
  • 1pF – 22mF Capacitance
  • Continuity & Diode test
  • Autoranging


It measures frequency, capacitance, resistance, and also has duty cycle, diode test and an audible continuity test which sounds at less than 100Ω. The 4½ digit LCD screen displays the results as values and on a 22 segment analogue bar graph. The MM68 also has an auto-power off feature and on screen low battery indication.


Display4½ digit
Voltage AC0.01mV-750V (± 1.2% rdg ± 10 dgt)
Voltage DC0.01mV-1000V (± 0.05% rdg ± 5 dgt)
Current AC0.01µA-10A (±1.5% rdg ± 5 dgt)
Current DC0.01µA-10A (±0.5% rdg ± 10)
Resistance0.01Ω-220MΩ (± 0.5% rdg ± 10 dgt)
Continuity<30Ω (audible indication)
Frequency0.01Hz-22MHz (± 0.1% rdg ± 3 dgt)
Capacitance1pF-22mF (± 3.0% rdg ± 5 dgt)
FeaturesTrue RMS readings, duty cycle, continuity, diode test
Pollution degree2 for indoor use
Weight285g approx.
Dimensions165 x 78 x 42.5mm
IncludesTL16 leads, 1 x spare fuse, 9V battery(installed) and manual



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