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As we mentioned in our last post, Memolub are considered market leaders in the design and manufactuer of lubrication systems.  More and more businesses are seeing the benefits and cost savings from moving away from manual greasing, which can be irregular  and therefore increaes the likelihood  of damage to the application,  to a fully automated system, that distributes the right lubricant, at the right frequency at the right place.

Founded in 1987 Memolub soon designed a more reliable lubrication system than the inefficient spring or gas systems that were currently being employed.   The new Memolub system was based on electro mechanical technology, which for the first time ensured an outstanding level of lubrication at a fraction of the cost.  Ever since Memolub continues to lead the way in lubrication technology, constantly bringing new and improved performance lubricators on the market.

Memolub’s range can be manually configured by engineers to measure the exact quantity of grease delivered at the right interval from 1 week to 24 months.  Powered by batteries or a 24v power supply Memolub allows customers overall control of single or multi point lubricators making them the most efficient and cost effective solution on the market.  Our systems are employed across just about every industry, for example the food industry in the lubrication of press ball bearings; in the automotive industry, lubricating aerial conveyor belt rollers and rails; in the textile industry, greasing loom bearings; to the large scale industrial operations like the mining industry with the need to lubricate conveyor belt bearings. In addition to Memolub’s range of products Lubrication UK also supplies a range of off the shelf grease cartridge refills for your Memolub’s from the leading brands ,Total ,Castrol ,Kluber,Shell,Interflon ect so if you have a global contract with a major we can supply Memolub grease refills with your chose of lubricants.

The advantages of moving to memolub are enormous, from an economical stand point, memolub offers long term protection of equipment, increased machine reliability, reduced maintenance costs and increased profitability.  The Memolub system is reliable and precision engineered, meaning customers can configure the frequency, change a number of settings and easily change the refill the cartridge and power pack.  Here is perhaps Memolub’s greatest benefit, in that each lubricator is entirely reusable offering unlimited refills for each lubricator, which not only impacts on your bottom line, but dramatically reduces environmental impact.

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