Meet Des-case

We are proud to announce a new addition to our range of products by introducing the best contamination control units on the market.  By working with Descase we can provide the latest breathers, fluid handling equipment and oil sight indicators to our existing customers, helping them to get the most out of their equipment.  This not only means a longer working life but also maintenance is greatly reduced.

As moist air enters the desiccant breathers all particulates are filtered by a multiple 3-micron polyester filter elements removing all contamination.  These breathers replace standard dust caps and as the units filter the dust and particles in the air through them, they change colour allowing engineers to immediately recognise that the breather needs changing.

Easy to fit and easy to replace DESCASE breathers come in three different options, standard, heavy duty and extended versions and can be set from 12 to 24 months cycles giving customers full control of their lubrication requirements.

By Bringing both Memlob and Descase together Lubrication UK is able to combine two leading brands under one roof, providing customers a fully integrated solution to their industrial requirements.

We also provide the Descase range of oil sight indicators and fluid handling equipment.  Oil sight indicators play a critical role in helping customers identify problems before they get to serious.  Oil sight indicators are installed in the drain port of the oil reservoir pumps, gearboxes, bearing housing and other equipment allowing engineers to constantly monitor what’s happening inside the application.

Finally DESCASE’s fluid handling equipment dramatically improves industrial equipment performance preventing production downtime and high machinery repair costs.

For more information on how DESCASE can improve your existing lubrication systems, call us directly or contact via email.

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