Key Benefits On How Memolub Have Helped Cauldon Cement Plant

How using Memolub at Cauldon Cement plant has helped us become more reliable with no addition to manning levels.

  • Over the last 15 years of being the lubrication technician at Cauldon works we have tried most of the auto-lubes on the market but have found the Memolub HPS by far the most reliable.  Our ambient temperature on site can range from -10 to 40 degrees and actual equipment running temperatures can range from -5c to 850c which does not affect the Memolubs performance unlike the other auto-lubes
  • We find that our site has more and more areas which have become restricted during running times so with the Memolub having the ability to be configured to lubricate 1 bearing or up to 8 bearings per unit and 3 cartridges sizes, we find it very quick and easy to spec and install the Memolub near the equipment. This enables the machine to run uninterrupted.
  • Due to the size of our site and the amount of equipment requiring lubrication we have found the Memolub to be an integral part of our maintenance programme. We first started to put Memolub on all the equipment that required lubrication daily this freeing up time to carry out other tasks.  Without installing the Memolubs, Cauldon would certainly have to employ more and more personnel to carry out the scheduled lubrication which in its own could bring reliability issues, we are coming up to 200 Memolubs on site in various configurations lubricating around 600+ points.
  • Another very important point for our site is the customer service, with Square Two we have never had a supply issue or back up unlike the previous suppliers. We find there is a good range of accessories and products for most applications with unparalleled product and technical knowledge .
  • There are many application we could discuss, but one of the best examples of how the Memolub units has saved Cauldon plant money over the years is when we fitted it to our FK pumps, this is a fast turning screw with bearings and seals at each end. These require a little amount of grease very often. What we found at our site is that the operatives would either lubricate it once with a lot or not at all. On average we would get a life span of about 6-9 months, since fitting the Memolub that figure has gone up to 20-24 months.
  • The Memolub Lubrication system is the best on the market for our site the benefits and cost savings speak for themselves.

Cauldon Plant

Lubrication Technician

Paul Grindy

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